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Romeo Windhoek’s Wonderkid

Romeo aka Mr Teddy Bear with the smile that lightens up your day. Young blood with a music soul that is, expressed it on the dj decks. Radio has become a part of me and I use the mic to tell my story. I bring you a mouthful of music and information on #TheKiosk at 13:00 and shutting all up on Fridays with the #Switch. God is a Dj, life is the dancefloor, Love is the rhythm, and you are the music.

rsz shokiedit   Shoki 'Duke' Kandjimi

Shoki aka Duke is a young activist, educator, brand ambassador and media student. I will be 'infotaining' to make sure you are the first to know what is happening around the world. When it come dancing, ask me!

Love * Conquer*Stay Updated!

rsz marly3333   Marly Samuel

I like to think of myself as someone that takes risks and chances. But the right risks and chances. I like to read, to learn, to think, to dream, to talk, to listen and most importantly to TRAVEL. I learned that when you do something out of your comfort zone, you immediately broaden your horizon and you appreciate the fact that there is a whole world out there with great opportunities and experiences that you need to explore.


rsz imoedit   Imozaix

Imozaix a self-proclaimed radio art, the to go to girl to #Switch up your life all the way from the 062 ‘Go-babies’. Inspired by humanitarians and people that live for others. Outspoken, open-minded and strong character make her ideal for radio presenting. Mondays will never be blue with me behind the mic.

rsz fu  

F.U Worldwide 69

I am F.U, it’s not what you think but it is what it is, so get used to it. I am the most expressive host in the land. I am also a lover of food and I do not compromise on that.

I don’t know everything but I know a bit of everything. I am full of myself but humble at the same time. I have been with NUST FM since the get go and that qualifies me to be NUST FM’s Face.

Apart from that, I am an MC, Event organiser (book me for your events) and a genuine lover life.


rsz dsc 0130   Elifas "Rich Boy" Helao

Watch and listen fast but speak slow, meaning speak when you are certain about what to say. He believes that DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION and DEVOTION in whatever you do will give you RESPECT, RECOGNITION and REWARD. He is innovative and creative, hence he is the founder of the NUST Students Against Crime. 
rsz 131   Shona Ngava

Shona Ngava comes from Gobabis, 062 baby!! He is a Journalism and communications student at Polytechnic of Namibia. I'm an eccentric and clairvoyant young ambitious soul who loves skateboarding, history, food, writing and women. I’m a crazy being too! What did you expect? I'll basically be talking to myself on's a joke! I got your back NUST FM listeners. Expect nothing but the best from me on NUST FM...we are going to have a blast- #Shona. 
 rsz munya  

Munya Madanhire

Your moms favourite guy on radio… mainly because of my sense of humour and warm demeanour. Energy infused, entertainer, sports enthusiast, lover of all kinds of music and your sisters crush… to say the least 8). Be sure to tune in daily on the #kiosk at 13:00 to get your daily dose of Munya... it won’t change your life but it will definitely make it a better…love!.

rsz rsz frieda   Frienda

My name is Frieda Mukufa but on air, I am Yours Truly, or else you owe me a sweet. I am poet. An acrophobic. English major. Event promoter. MC. The ordinary girl who lives down the streets. A bit of a loud mouth but that’s what everyone needs in their lives right? I love music, a capella to be precise. Oh, also, I am a book worm.

Don’t let anyone make you feel worthless without your consent.

Also, remember, even if you pack zinger wings at KFC or groceries at Fruit and Veg, there are always gonna be people in your line. Make it worth their while.

chris   Christopher Kantewa

Young dreamer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, Presenter. The most syndicated and dangerous morning show, the Yellow Benches #YB. All I do is positive vibes and spread love. Chase your dream and don’t stop if you aint found it. Confucius said “He who says he can and he who says he cannot are both usually right.”